Introducing the NEWEST edition of the FBS Diamond Collection. Meet Diamond Girl, Icy, Drip, and Gem. 


Diamond Girl has the most volume in the group. She LOUD!


Icy has flare! This is a choppy eye opening style adding length and volume.


Drip is here to lift and extend your lash line. Cat eye lovers will approve.


Gem is the understated shy one. Subtle length and slight volume. 


All styles are synthetic and reusable!  Be sure to tag us in your selfies, we want to see all you beautiful diamonds shine! #FBSDiamondGirls


Our luxury 3D Silk lashes are 100% cruelty free and handcrafted. Our lashes have the same effect as mink lashes but we DO NOT use animal fur. Our lashes are made of the finest and thinnest synthetic fibers creating the same fur effect. Each fur has a beautiful tip and every lash has a natural curve on the band.

Diamond Eyelash Collection II 4-Pack