WISPY. Volume, Length & Perfectly Wispy. Achieve bigger eyes with a lash that blends perfectly with your natural lashes. These lashes are perfectly cut to resemble your natural lash shape with added fullness, length & flare. If the ‘Makeup, No Makeup’ look is you’re thing, these lashes are it.

• 3D Silk Lash
• 100% Vegan
• Hand Crafted
• Reusable (Suggested Use 15-20 wears)
• Light Weight – Thin Band
• Strip Lash


Our luxury 3D Silk lashes are 100% cruelty free and handcrafted. Our lashes have the same effect as mink lashes but we DO NOT use animal fur. Our lashes are made of the finest and thinnest synthetic fibers creating the same fur effect. Each fur has a beautiful tip and every lash has a natural curve on the band.

Princes Cut