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Facing Beauty Studios was founded in 2012 by Karla and Tania, two sisters who share the same love for makeup and a dream to provide an inspiring and creative learning space. We are proud to offer our learning platform to every person that knows they are artists and to those who doubt themselves, we once doubted ourselves too! We know and understand this industry can be scary and intimidating, we have felt the same, therefore, we can assure you the best guidance based on our real-life experiences. We will help guide you, build your confidence and teach you the skills you need to start your dream makeup career.

We made it our mission:


To provide exceptional service- the same service we wished for every time we sat on the opposite end.


To teach and push creativity- we don’t just teach our students makeup artistry, we encourage them to express their own individual creativity.


To retail high-end cosmetics at prices we always hoped for.


& most importantly to introduce you to the Ultimate Makeup Experience.


Why Facing Beauty?


Facing Beauty is a unique online makeup learning studio. Our online class experience includes live class sessions, makeup demonstration videos, hands on assignments and weekly live meetings for q & a and progress review. All online classes include an option for hands on practice in a studio setting at a city nearv you. The Facing Beauty team tours the all major cities throughout the US to bring you the Ultimate Makeup Experience in person. At all of our tour stops we offer hands on practice, graduations, portfolio building, seminars & more. Unlike a cosmetology program, our courses allow students to focus solely on the art and techniques of makeup artistry. In any of our intensive Facing Beauty courses you will learn the skills needed to create the ultimate illusion of beauty and glamour for print, runway, and video. Our courses are designed specifically for individuals who are passionate about the industry and are ready to start working as a Certified Makeup Artist. Upon completion of any of our programs, students are awarded a Certificate of Completion in the course taken, letter of reference, discounts for future courses, and an ongoing membership to our Facing Beauty Pro squad which is a platform for events, career opportunities and lifetime access to online courses.

We hope that after your experience with us, we’ve fulfilled your dream expectations.


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